Angry New Year


New year’s resolutions can be fickle initiatives that quickly dissolve as fast as a New Year’s Day Alka Seltzer chaser. In years past my resolutions were long forgotten by the time Groundhog Day came around. But this year my commitment and resolve need to take priority one as it will completely affect my life. It is time for a new body, a new soul and to embrace the process of change itself, not just the results that I hope to accomplish.

Today my cycling team did our first ride of the year. It was overcast and about 24 degrees, with a brisk and rather unpleasant wind blowing out of the west. It’s was, for all intense and purposes a symbolic ride. A ride where we gather, socialize and celebrate a new year, great teammates and friends, and hopefully the many great rides and races to come. Unfortunately, for me it was also a wake up call.  I woke up this morning out of my warm bed, and as much as I hated the idea of going out in the cold, I realized this was the first day in my new battle. I now will attempt to slay the glutton within and reverse all the damage I have done to myself thru 3 months of holiday cheer, and post injury recovery.

3 short months ago I will say that I was feeling about as physically fit as I had in years. Through a commitment to training I had really found myself feeling remarkably well. But now I really notice the damage that the injury has brought on. And it’s covered a substantial new layer of flab. While a short while ago household chores barely affected me, I now find that simple tasks like tying my shoes or even getting off the couch triggers some painful memories of my past battles with my weight.  Unfortunately, this year goes well past the few extra holiday lbs and well into the “wtf dude, did you just eat a small child?” arena. A wise man once told me never to eat anything bigger than my head. Right now it look like I was away at the buffet table while he was sharing that bit of knowledge.

The good thing is, that I know why I have allowed this to happen. The bad thing is that changing it will not be easy. It is now the harsh ‘January cold’ in the Chicago area. Windy city weather is not usually conducive to outdoor training. But the gauntlet has been thrown down and I am angry. With myself and with my failure. As long as I stay angry I will force change. Here’s to an angry start in 2016. Happy New Year



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