It’s only 4 days into this year’s Tour and we’ve already experienced some memorable lessons in courage, drive and determination. From the comfort of my couch, morning cup of coffee in hand, I sit and watch. I am enthralled by the character that defines those who are tested for 21 days while being pushed to their physical and mental limits. It’s why I watch the Tour. It’s why I love the Tour.

After a horrifying 30 plus mph crash we saw Fabian Cancellara take a massive spill then get back on the bike and ride another 58 miles with 2 broken vertebra. Dutch rider Laurens ten Dam dislocated his shoulder. After having it popped back in place continued the race. Today Tony Martin flatted out close to race end, borrowed a (most likely ill-fitting) teammate’s bike then followed his boys to reconnect with the lead group traveling 30 plus mph. Soon after reconnecting, he broke free and rode some of the world’s most elite cyclists off his wheel. After a brutal stage of cobbles and challenges he somehow found the energy, and power to solo away and win the yellow jersey.

Every day has the potential to deliver a new hero and create a new story. And every day seems to prove the level of fortitude it takes to be a world-class cyclist. We emulate these guys, we buy their kits, we ride their bikes, we look to them and hope we can if only for a mile or two find strength to ride like them. This is what they do it’s their livelihood it’s their life. Although many of us may not be able to ride like them, we can find the strength to emulate their level of focus and perseverance when our own race comes to an abrupt and screeching halt.

All of us have fallen. What the badass Tour heroes show us is that we need to get back up and get back on our own proverbial bikes and whatever happens, continue to ride on.

One thought on “BADASSEDNESS

  1. richdirector July 8, 2015 / 7:19 am

    Reblogged this on Kite*Surf*Bike*Rambling and commented:
    This tour is shaping up to be one of the best for years ….. Rule no 5 is currently been employed by all of them


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