Ghost Bike


ghost-bianchiIt’s about to start storming, I am hungry and I realize I am only a mile away from one of the best pizza joints I know. Minutes later, I am sitting, scanning a menu and about to order my pizza Quattro Gusti ( that’s 4 toppings to the rest of you). At that moment I look up in the dark and eerily distant space above the heating vents, window valence, and chandelier I spot her. The celeste green Bianchi that immediately solidified this as the most authentically Italian place in town.

I just wanted to reach up, grab her and bring her home for a whole overhaul. The tires looked deflated and the bar tape was starting to unwrap. I could only imagine the layers of grease and dust that probably coated her in her forgotten state.  I have no idea about the condition of rest of her but I just wanted to drape her with a little love and TLC. She looked to be an early 80’s model, Pre aero cables, post clip on cable guides. Not much else was visible from where I stood but I could tell she was not my size. Had she been  a bit smaller I would have made an offer on the spot. I found out later that the owner had raced her as a youngster. That made me want her even more. Not really for myself but to refurbish, re-cable, and redress her so he, or someone else might ride and race her again. This weekend I plan on riding my Italian steel.

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