Activate Recovery


Its been a few weeks since I’ve re-dedicated my attention toward my training plan. I’ve been maxing efforts during interval training as I am close to the end of our 11 week winter session.  I’ve had a few interruptions but we’re now near the end of indoor training and starting to spend more and more time outdoors. I’ve noticed some great progress but I am still prone to some days where things just do not seem to be clicking properly. When these happen I realize it may be time for a recovery day.

Sunday’s ride was not a good one. After a full week of intervals, plus solo rides, rain rides, and a couple of days of hard headwind riding, I found out how badly needed a rest. After a full day off the bike I realized it might be good to do an active recovery day, especially since I was still not quite ready for a day of hard effort. So with the sun calling, and a fairly open schedule during my lunch hour, the path bike came out and off I went. My intent was to keep it spinning in a low gear throughout the ride.  Especially since many past recovery rides quickly transition into all out Strava score smackdowns.

DEAD-GARMINToday I found discipline. First, my Garmin battery died. That told me that time and speed was not needed today. Then I came across the epitome of what this ride was all about.  As I rolled past one of the fastest slightly downhill sections of my ride, I fought the urge to pick up the pace. Then  I looked over and saw a woman laying on a bench.  Blissfuly relaxed, the sun warming her exposed skin as she kicked up and used her bars as a footrest.  I had to sneak a shot. It was the spirit of this moment that kept me in check throughout the remainder of my ride. I reminded myself that some days it’s good to be out for a “nice bike ride and just enjoy the day”.



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