The Ultimate Raw Treatment

best ointment for road rash

Sometimes a great product just needs to be shared with as many fellow cyclists as possible. This is one of those products. It’s called Brave Soldier Antiseptic Healing Ointment and it is used on burns, scrapes, road rash, rug burns, cheese grated flesh wounds, zombie attacks and any other minor skin wound you might encounter.  Of course for cyclists suffering painful road rash I hear this is the ideal treatment.  I will not review all the product details as you can read it for yourself, but I will share my experiences hoping you will encounter the same speedy relief as I have.

Unfortunately, I think this product is primarily available online but there are retailers out there who carry it. In my case it was easier to get it online than to find anyone who carried it in my local area. My experience was rather amazing. After the initial application my wound had healed almost 50% from the 3 days since I had started treatment. If you are one of those twisted souls who revel in biological detail and wound descriptions read on. Otherwise just give this stuff a try!

I am not a doctor so I advise you to please consult with your physician regarding the severity and condition of your injury before applying this treatment. 

Ten days ago I took a night ride in about 5 degree weather on my fattie. Unbeknownst to me, my bib tights had a developed large tear along the chamois edge. Without any real sensation due to the sub freezing cold, skin on saddle friction, and probably a bit of psychological pain denial, I had literally rubbed right through the skin of my inner thigh and never even knew it. The worst friction burn I’ve ever had.  Imagine the cross between a burn, road rash, and probably a bit of frostbite all in a 3 inch wide extremely sensitive area! Of course not realizing how bad it was I rode 2 more days before it crossed from sensitive to purely painful and sashimi grade RAW!

Three days since it happened the wound was exposed and I was walking around like John Wayne in a pair of leather chaps. The sub epidermal skin layer was exposed, the nerves were screaming at me in foreign languages and the wound was in its full, fluid oozing glory. Sorry, I told you I was going to get into gory details! I started treating it with Neosporin ointment. 4 days later it seemed  a bit better but not much different than when I started.

When the Brave Soldier ointment arrived.  I applied it and immediately felt relief. The lidocaine eased the pain and 3 days later the wound had reduced in size considerably.  I have been applying the cream every 3-4 hours because it tends to rub off due to its location. Keep in mind the key is to cover it gently but keep it coated with ointment. Do not let it dry out. Contrary to popular belief drying the wound is not good. It leads to cracking and will take longer to heal. The moisture is actually good for the healing. Right now it is looking terrific and I hope to be back riding in a few days. For those of us who hate losing days on the bike I think the speediness and efficacy of this product makes it a must. I hope it brings you the same speedy relief as I have experienced and gets you back in the saddle as quick as it takes to squeeze the tube itself!



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