The Ultimate Raw Treatment

best ointment for road rash

Sometimes a great product just needs to be shared with as many fellow cyclists as possible. This is one of those products. It’s called Brave Soldier Antiseptic Healing Ointment and it is used on burns, scrapes, road rash, rug burns, cheese grated flesh wounds, zombie attacks and any other minor skin wound you might encounter.  Of course for cyclists suffering painful road rash I hear this is the ideal treatment.  I will not review all the product details as you can read it for yourself, but I will share my experiences hoping you will encounter the same speedy relief as I have.

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Stark Yet Sublime

early march road ride

Sometimes the perfect birthday gift is something you cannot buy. In this case it was the perfect early spring day for a road ride. Forty five degrees, and a mid afternoon sun that warmed the cheeks and nose. All while simultaneously being challenged by a sharp little headwind that tested our legs on an early season scoot. My cycling sensei felt this perfectly stark backdrop captured the spirit of our day’s ride.

As usual he was right.

The Eve of a New Season


When I drove out to pick up my kids from their mid winter activities tonight I looked out across the neighbor’s front yard. The street light was shining and a sheen glistened over a glossy frozen crust that had developed over the snow that had been sitting there for the past 2 months. Actually it was quite beautiful and even a bit appetizing. Like glazed vanilla icing over a freshly baked Krispy Creme doughnut. But, still in it’s mouth-watering beauty it was a reminder of the cold winter that had pummeled me.  For the last 3 months it might have affected me as a slightly disheartening reality. Not tonight. Tonight it was merely a gift.

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