abr liscense Last week I received a simple little piece of mail that would singularly readjust my focus, efforts,  drive, and perspective every time I get on my bike. It was my American Bicycle Racing license. I opened it and chuckled to myself that I paid $25 for the privilege of sacrifice, self-inflicted pain and countless smack downs at the hand (or should I say the legs) of the fitter and the faster. Funny thing how this license, wheel tag and a set of stickers might be the most meaningful pieces of paper I would receive all year.

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PHOTO OF TASTY BURGERS SIGN Training comes in many different forms. It is late January. The days are short, the darkness and cold unite to oppress the spirit. We tend to seek warmth and shelter under a comforting layer of carbs and belly warming badness. Under a warm neon glow these beacons and oh-so-comforting nostalgic “suggestions” called out to me.

Resistance training is now in session.

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Fat-Biking on Ice

bike on ice path I learned two things today. Number one was a lesson that was taught to 12 year old boy scouts all over our wonderful land but failed to be engrained in my small, feeble yet under-developed adult mind- probably because my scouting days were limited to a half year of of activities, none of which had ever allowed me to achieve my merit badge goals. I digress. The credo I speak of is “Always be Prepared”.

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Frankie and the Cat’s Ass

Frank and his Gitane bike
Frankie’s senior picture

Frankie was a trailblazer. It was 1985 and my high school-aged brother comes home with what? A new bike. Our friends are buying stereos for their rusted out shit-can Chevys and Oldsmobiles but Frankie bought a bike.  I guess we both had been tilting an ear and a flipping’ an eyeball to the TV coverage of the American phenom and the goings on overseas in the world of international bicycle racing. However even with Lemond making noise, It was still a very quiet sport. Especially in the “get the F outta my way, cause I own the F ‘n road and no cyclists should ever be caught dead riding on the streets of the Motor F’n City!”

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Adjust Your Winter Ride Mindset

fat bike on trail
therapy after dark

Fatbikes are not fast. Yes, there are more nimble options for navigating trails. Yes, they may feel a bit clunky. Yes, believe it or not there is actually a learning curve on how to set up and ride one to get the most out of it. And yes, and if you are out to find the most efficient all around ride for the most part, this is not it.
 But if that is what you are seeking then you are missing the whole point.

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wearing Shaun White oakley Goggles
wintervison is clearly the way to go

This week I tested out my new goggles. I picked up a pair of Oakley A Frame Goggles- Shaun White Signature series. I’ve been riding with a pair of Oakley Jawbones but they’re just not working for me in the deeper temps and falling snow. You’ll find that with the colder temperatures the Jawbones tend to fog up pretty bad at every stop and in many cases when I slow down. Yeah I know I’m not supposed to slow down but it does happen! Overall, these rock! They do an amazing job with ventilation and anti fogging, not too mention keeping the better part of my face covered and warm. I plan on putting a few more rides in then will post the full scoop.


Heavy Eddy 1


Just testing this out for now. Hope to talk a bit about bikes, likes, gear, fears, and challenges regarding all things cycling. My experiences on the bike are not nearly as deep as many other cyclists, however I love to babble about bikes so this seems like the place to do it! Most of my posts will be short and sweet and hopefully a bit insightful.